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Since Christopher was ten he loved playing around with scissors and cutting his friends hair. He realized it was worth getting into to trouble over, he must really love it. As Chris grew so did his passion, eventually attending Mid South Styling Acedemy, leading to a career a 5 year career with Regis where he honed many of his skills. In his free time he also enjoys doing make up, hanging with his friends and family and trying new local restaurants. Chris is very excited to continue to career with The Shave becuase his favorite styles to cut are fades and large beards and we have plenty to go around.  

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A trained Barber with a back ground in Fashion and Art, David is a firm believer in the trans-formative power of a good haircut. His attention to detail and ability to connect with his clients while delivering their desired cuts make it seem like he is reading their mind...spoiler alert, he is! A South Florida transplant, David spends his free time exploring his new home Atlanta, playing video games, and collecting as many action figures as can fit in his loft apartment.

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Originally from McDonough Ga (and proud), baby Erin crawled at the feet of her great granny who had a barbershop in their home. It was only natural that after she learned to walk, she learned to cut. With over 10 years of professional experience specializing in men’s grooming, Erin joins The Shave team more than capable to tackle your fade or your beard. In Erin’s free time she enjoys, hanging with her boyfriend, going to shows in East Atlanta, and wood working. Fun fact: Her favorite tool is the scroll saw.

2019 No Shield Barber Pic JOHN.png

John, native of Chicago his talent of doing hair was noticed at a early age at 14 he would do family members hair and later began doing other people hair in grandparents kitchen he wasn't sure if he wanted to do hair has a career so after graduating high school he attended Chicago state where he majored business administration. After working a few corporate jobs he realized this may not be a good fit for him so he started looking at hair has a career he got his training from Paul Mitchell the school Atlanta. Later he attended average Institute to get his instructors. License he specializes in all textures of hair nice clean fades and scissors gentlemen cuts.

2019 No Shield Barber Pic JULIA.png

With almost 10 years focusing on men’s grooming, we’re proud to have Julia join our team. After jumping in to the industry straight out of high school, she’s continually building her skill set, conquering goals and making clients laugh every day. Originally from McDonough Ga, Julia enjoys live music, binge watching Law and Order and rooting for the Falcons…and the Bears.

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Hailing from the mountains of Colombia, Julie is a Master Stylist with 14 years of experience. Trained in the European Concept of hair cutting, Julie has dedicated  the last decade towards her absolute passion, the art of Men's grooming and styling. Julie's cuts aren't the only thing that she keeps 100 proof. When she isn't upgrading your look she enjoys traveling, music, make up artistry and cocktails with friends, that may or may not be a 100 proof. Skin Fades, Pomps, and Beards, Julie can do it all, and makes it fun while she does it...

2019 No Shield Barber Pic MARLON.png

All the way from scenic Chattanooga, Tennessee, Marlon trained at Alternative Visions Hair and Nails Academy.  In 1999 after receiving a Master Cosmetology license he packed up his things and headed to Atlanta, Georgia to expand his experience and hone his skills.  Marlon's love for fashion and travel has carved him into a well-rounded chameleon with an edgy dash of humor.  He's a great friend to have and brings 200 watts of light to the darkest rooms.  In his down time Marlon enjoys hanging with friends, shopping, playing cards, concerts and writing music.  

2019 No Shield Barber Pic RAUL.png

Passionate about his profession with great attention to details. Raul believes that creativity is a substantial part of his work. Over 14 years of experience have taught him the importance of continually improving his barbering skills. Originally from Guadlajara, Raul moved to US at the age of 16 where he attended high school and College Programs to become certified Barber and Cosmetologist. Raul enjoys cooking. Eating healthy and regularly exercising is pat of his daily routine – his motto is “Healthy mind in healthy body”

2019 No Shield Barber Pic ROBIN.png

Robin is originally from Washington DC but has been an Atlanta transplant for many years. Robins love of cutting hair began at a very young age. Robin cut and styled all her family and friends hair before any formal training. She attended Arnold’s International University of Cosmetology, a Pivot Point school and has been a licensed Master Stylist for many years. Her passion for men’s grooming has grown over the years,  from cutting and styling to beards. During her down time she enjoys working out, eating, spending time with her family and friends and reading.

2019 No Shield Barber Pic VALENCIA.png

Valencia, AKA, “V” is a real Georgia Peach! Born and raised in the ATL, she knows she will always be home here. She is proud to be dual licensed as a Master Barber and a Cosmetologist here in Georgia. As a child she loved playing with her doll’s hair and styling them just the way she wanted. Although, quiet and somewhat introverted behind closed doors, “V” loves a good horror movie and can play the drums like no ones business! She really loves meeting new people, discovering their personalities and getting to know her clients through the art of barbering!  

2019 No Shield Barber Pic KELSEY.png

Kelsey was born in Lexington, Ohio but despite it’s beauty and small small town quirks she knew It would not be her final resting place. After some travels she eventually fell in love with Atlanta where she met her partner Kevin. They recently bought a house together and now she’s here for good. In her free time she enjoys shopping at small businesses and supporting local artisans. She’s also very passionate about sustainable clothing, slow fashion, and thrifted/recycled/upcycled fashion. Kelsey has been honing her customer service and management skills for years but it’s her natural gifts we’re most excited about. As a people person full of bubbly energy with an eye for style and self expression, Kelsey is the perfect fit for The Shave, ready to inspire others through self confidence. 

2018 No Shield Barber Pic SKY.png

Growing up, Schuyler “Sky” has always had eclectic tastes: from poetry to skateboarding – and Johnny Cash to underground punk. However, his strong love for men’s fashion and grooming trumped all others. After playing with bands and traveling the US, Sky worked for Ralph Lauren and later Vans, brands that strongly reflected his duel interests. It was there that he honed his customer service and human relation skills over a 10 year career as a General Manager. He spends his free time going to events with his beautiful wife Madolyn, or cuddling with his dog sized cat, Phil. With years of leadership behind him and the ability to the anticipate the needs of his clients, Sky combines just the right amount of rugged and refined for a modern day barbershop.

2018 No Shield Barber Pic DAVID HAVEN.png

Originally from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, David has been living in Atlanta for 4 years and loves working at the best barbershop in the city. David’s passions include getting your name on the wait list and grabbing you a PBR; he also enjoys film making, photography, and teaching percussion. 

2019 No Shield Barber Pic NATALIE.png

Natalie, better known as Gnat, is an Atlanta native, growing up right in the Highlands she’s as eclectic as our neighborhood. She enjoys sinking her teeth into avant-garde make-up to express her self, sometimes taking inspiration from her favorite comics, video games and cartoons. As a busy and talented free lance illustrator we are so happy that she has time to help us keep this place running like a well oiled machine. She might have fangs (sometimes) but she doesn’t bite.